Leisure Club

Westwood Gym

Westwood Gym is a luxurious leisure club situated in Temple Bar close to the Fleet Street Hotel in Temple Bar and we have teamed up to offer our guests a discounted rate for use of this world class 25,000 sq.ft. health and fitness club. Westwood Gym is a truly unique design located on Aston Quay, only a two minute walk from the Fleet Street Hotel. A spectacular mix of modern and classic materials, furniture and lighting, it is a unique environment to workout or relax in. Complete with swimming pool, steam room, Jacuzzi and sauna this facility has all you could ask for....

Please note that towels are not provided in Westwood Gym but we are only to happy to provide a towel for you. Please request a towel at hotel reception en route.

You will get plenty of steps in exploring all the key attractions nearby the Fleet during your stay but we know lots of guest want to be able to visit a gym during a stay so Westwood Gym is perfect for that!

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