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Nightlife Dublin

As a city with a large population of young people, both natives and students, not to mention a constant influx of young, up-for-it tourists all keen to party the Irish way, it comes as no surprise that clubbing features high in Dublin social life. The dance scene has been well developed in recent years.

The Temple Bar area is the place to be seen, with a vast concentration of both clubs and trendy pre-club bars to get you in the mood for a night on the dance-floor. As you'd expect in a city that is fast becoming one of the most popular weekend destinations in Europe, the Dublin club scene in constantly in flux, with different nightclubs coming and going at an alarming rate, to the whim of the fickle trend-setters. There's always something new to check out - you'll never get bored in Dublin!

Clubs generally are open from pub closing hours but some earlier. Entry is generally from €6-€12. Please note that in Ireland the legal drinking age is 18 and you must be able to prove this with official identification such as a national identity card, Garda Síochána identity card, drivers licence, or passport. Dress smartly.

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